Tylers Tearooms & Dining
Tylers Tearooms & Dining


Our Drinks Menu



Pot of Tea for one                                 £1.40

Pot of Tea for two                                 £2.40

Twinings Teas – Pot for one               £1.85

Twinings Teas –  Pot for two              £2.85

Choose from earl grey, camomile, peppermint, green tea, cranberry and raspberry, lemon and ginger.


Filter Coffee                                            £1.75

Cappuccino                                             £2.30

Latte                                                         £2.30

Espresso                                                  £1.80

Moccaccino                                            £2.55


Hot Chocolate

As it comes                                             £2.40

The Works (with cream,                     £2.65

Marshmallows and a cadburys flake)


Sparkling or Still Water                      £1.45

Flavoured Water                                  £1.65

Cans                                                         £1.30

Orange, Apple or Cranberry Juice   £1.30

Fruit Shoots (blackcurrant or orange)           £1.30


Milkshakes - banana, strawberry or chocolate

As it comes                                            £1.90

The Works (cream,                              £2.15

marshmallows and a cadburys flake)






10% discount for takeaway



Tylers Tearooms

18 Market Street

Castle Donington



t: 01332 811220

e: info@tylerstearooms.co.uk


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