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Tylers Tearooms & Dining

Tylers Slimmers Menu

At Tylers you dont have to worry about spoiling your diet, you can just choose one of our carefully created options from the slimmers menu below:


Slimmer’s Menu


Skinny latte                                                                                     £2.40

Skinny Cappuccino                                                                       £2.40

Why not add a sugar free syrup shot? Hazelnut or caramel              50p

Pepsi Max                                                                                        £1.30

Still or sparking water                                                                £1.45


Breakfast (served until 2pm)

Slimmer’s Breakfast (all cooked without fat)                    £3.85

2 bacon medallions, poached egg, beans, tomato, mushrooms, wholemeal toast

Poached eggs on wholemeal toast                                         £3.00

2 poached eggs on 2 slices of wholemeal toast with a small amount of flora

Bacon “thins” cob                                                                         £2.50

Bacon medallions in a wholemeal thin


Light Lunches (served from 11.30am)

Slimmers Soup                                                                               £3.95

Served with wholemeal bread

(See specials board for todays choice)


Spicy Chicken Wrap                                                                      £4.15

Chicken strips, roasted Mediterranean veg, salad leaves with fat free yoghurt and mint sauce all in a wrap, served with side salad and homemade low fat coleslaw

Slow cooker beef & bean stew                                                £5.95

A hearty, healthy stew.  Lean beef cubes slow cooked with vegetables, pinto & cannelloni beans, herbs, spices and seasoning, served with a jacket potato

Gammon, Poached egg and Jacket Potato                            £5.40

Served with a salad garnish

Rump Steak and Jacket Potato                                                 £5.95

Served with a salad garnish


We also keep extra light mayo and fat free dressing, balsamic glaze (makes a fab salad dressing), bread thins and quark

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